Alison is a British documentary photographer based in Birmingham in the U.K. Her first exhibition was held at the Oxo Gallery in London in 2012 where  Alison produced the series the 'White Picture' looking at the role of women in the British Army.  This early work has provided the under lying narrative to her commitment to accurately document the continued role and representation of women. She aims to take a more intersectional approach to her work and looks more for the human interest and that which we share in common over that which divides us.   She is interested in exploring these representations and working to document these themes in an individual and authentic way. Alison is working with artists in her home city of Birmingham to raise conversations around de colonial mindsets and the need for a more intersectional society and recently set up the cities first festival for womxn known as P.M.T (Powering the Matriarchy Together).