Alison is a British documentary photographer and military veteran. Alison explores themes around conflict centred around gender stereotypes.  Navigated by ethics and values centred strongly on representation Alison aims to show stories with collaboration and connection. Informed by a military career including tours of Afghanistan and Iraq she is currently exploring the relationship to the often compartmentalised approach to war and the invisible effects on veterans and citizens involved in modern conflict.  Alisons first major piece of work the 'White Picture' looks at the role of women in the British Army and has provided an under lying narrative to her commitment to document the continued role and representation of women in the armed forces. As a supporter of a more intersectional approach to gender Alison is now looking at themes of masculinity and hyper masculinity.  She is interested in exploring these representations and working to document these themes in an individual and authentic way. Alison is working with artists in her home city of Birmingham and set up the cities first festival for womxn - P.M.T (Powering the Matriarchy Together).

Alison is a current member of the board of the Frontline Freelance Register and regularly provides safety information to freelance journalists in areas of conflict.  

To see more about Alison click on the link for a short video - https://vimeo.com/150550366