Soldier - Women in the British Army

The debate on female soldiers on the front line continues with the potential announcement by the UK Ministry of Defence on the review into women in combat roles within the British Army.   But women have been in front line roles in contemporary conflicts, including Iraq and Afghanistan for the past ten years. Traditional mind sets and a history of sexism and inequality have plagued the Armed Forces for many years.  When the media breaks a story about women in uniform there is a furore of activity and the women involved in this are then forced to once again rebut these stereotypes.   In 2012 the Royal British Legion commissioned me to join UK service personnel in Afghanistan with just a short brief “Take pictures and make us a project that you think people need to see."  After a successful exhibition in the Oxo gallery on the South bank in London there was a realisation that there is a lot more to life for women in the Army than just the conversation about front line combat roles.